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About PTS LTD.

PTS Ltd. was established in 2007 as technical, design and commercial office aimed for supporting performers of ship repairs and conversions. Voyage repairs were offered as well.

“PTS’s full-time staff consists of about 40 engineers, technicians, welders, steel fitters and other high qualified specialists and, it can employ such a necessary number of employees for performance of bigger projects, as needed.” During a/m short period, prestige of PTS is still growing. The company is recognised as effective, liable and responsible, which provides repairs and conversions for Norwegian, Icelandic, Scottish, and other / Polish customers.

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Below photo gallery from our few projects regarding all kinds of afloat repairs and conversions, docking of vessels up to 60 m, new building, steel constructions, harbour repairs. We invite you to look on photos and videos.


m/v Saputi
QikiQtaaluk Fisheries Corporation


m/v Vagsund ex Torill
Bio Feeder AS


NB-13 & NB-14
Ocea AS



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