m/v Saputi

QikiQtaaluk Fisheries Corporation

Lengthening the vessel for 12,1 meters in midship with lengthening of all cables and piping system iwo cutting line Conversion of cargo freezing system for freon to ammonia: new piping arrangement made of 316 L material, reinstallation of frezing compressors and condensers, installation of new electrical, automatic & control system for ammonia piping. New insulation (mineral wool and polyurethane foam) and laminated plywood lining in new part of the fish gold and fish processing area. Execution of new fish processing room arrangement: adaptation deckhouse. Installation of new equipment fitting with new hydraulic and electrical installation. Sandbalasting and painting the hull, deck and deckhouse. Installation of new trawl winch and net drum with adaptation of existing low pressure hydraulic system and new control system for the winches. Modification of aft trawl gallows and new arrangement of the deck fishing equipment. Change of the double bottom tank arrangement with modification of the ballast and fuel oil transfer system.